Going for Gold with Silver

Just a quick update to let you all know that our 3D Printed Silver production is purring like kitten, running like clockwork and any other cliches that may apply to say that we are on target with our delivery times for silver.

As mentioned previously in the Shapeways blog, we added 3D printing capacity, have streamlined our distribution and we are seeing the benefits as 3D printed silver is racing out the door. 

Thanks for keeping us busy with the amazing designs…


  1. Smolderz

    Funny, I placed an order with silver yesterday, nice! :)

  2. Royston Stevens

    I’ve seen some really great stuff made with silver. It would be awesome to have the option to gold plate polished silver, like we can with stainless.

  3. James Griggs

    Is there any chance that you will be offering Gold Casting? (not plating actual casting) 14k Rose Gold preferred :)

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