A Conveyor Belt of 3D Prints Headed Your Way

Rolling out your orders faster then ever.

While the Shapeways logistics team have been working hard to process existing orders, they have also been upgrading our production facilities to handle growth so that we can continue to deliver your 3D printing to you as fast as possible.  We do not yet have a conveyor belt fed 3D printer, but we have installed the first of our conveyor belts to speed up and streamline our distribution center. 

This is true mass customization as each of your orders we 3D print and send is completely unique, yet we are using tecniques from mass production to reduce and amortize the cost of all aspects of printing and distribution through volume of production.  We are also working to reduce delivery time so that as well as reducing cost, we are continually improving our workflow to get your items to you as soon as physically possible…

A big thanks to you all for the orders coming in and keeping our logistics team busy, we LOVE seeing all of the amazing objects you are making with Shapeways 3D printing.


  1. electrobloom

    Wow that’s just brilliant! I think I can see some of my items in there, near the back, behind the yellow box!!

  2. Eric

    Have you also looked into economical child labor as a means to scale your operations quickly? Maybe they’re just off camera in this photo. The last WSF order I put in is running behind, with production starting over a week after the order was placed…

  3. Shapeways Blog

    Just a quick update to let you all know that our 3D Printed Silver production is purring like kitten, running like clockwork and any other cliches that may apply to say that we are on target with our delivery times for silver.As mentioned previously in

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