How To Repair a Bugaboo Pram with 3D Printing for Under $25

Ok, you may have one of the coolest prams on the market but when that thing fails the repair bills can be astronomical.. Thanks to 3D printing with Shapeways, a bottle opener and a pocket knife, a DIY solution is less than $25 away.

I have shared the tutorial of how to repair the Bugaboo pram on Instructables if any one ever finds themselves in the same situation. The part is on Shapeways to 3D print or Download.

But more importantly, are there any repairs that you have undertaken using 3D printing that you can share?  Are there any projects you have completed that you can share on Instructables? Let us know if you have any 3D printed projects already up on Instructables so that we can share them on the Shapeways blog too.


    1. duann scott


      You should post an instructables too!

  1. Jeffrey Matthias

    Love it! The pessimist in me wonders when the intellectual property lawyers are going to catch onto 3D printing.

  2. B'jango

    I can’t believe this!
    We were looking at replacing the whole frame for over 800 dollars.
    That’s on top of the 1200 the pram already cost us. It’s 5 years old FCS!
    I have found bugaboo’s service slow and am happy to see a normal dad DIY ing this. Any more parts to come?

  3. Shapeways Blog

    Ze Frank mentioned the magic of 3D Printing repair parts with Shapeways in a recent rant/video… Check it out… Get inspired.. Make awesome stuff…..

  4. Shapeways Blog

    Shapeways was recently featured on NPR (national Public Radio) in an article on 3D Printing empowered DIY by Jon Kalish. The article featured the story of the Bugaboo Stroller Repair using Shapeways 3D Printing along with Ponoko, SketchChair and 100 Tho

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