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Shapeways T-shirts!

The Shapeways team is headed to Maker Faire Detroit, and they’ll be sporting some of our new t-shirts at the booth. The design highlights the diverse creations of our talented community.

Featured models and designers are:

Merry Bird Ornament by Michiel Cornelissen

Steampunk D8 Die by Dizingof

Whelk by Bathsheba

Escher Knot by ShapeKays

Timer Keeper by Aeron203

Oslo Coaster by Andeshans

Bowie the Bunny by BAROBA

Demonwing by Cradders

Heart Pendant by Novaking

Fokker DVIII by WillLaPuerta

Structural Chipped Block Ring by Drscott

Plug Me In by OneManBand

The Mother Ship by Opresco

Subdivision Bracelet by Nervous System

Thistle Tea Light Cover by GHP

Gyro the Cube by Virtox

And here’s a photo of the shirt worn by Ana, who will be at the booth this weekend. Come say hello!

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