Report: User Meetup Amsterdam

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Last Friday, about 30 Shapeways enthusiasts met in Amsterdam. This made it the largest usermeeting so far! Many brought their own work, and we discussed all kinds of topics like what’s going on in the company, technical stuff and how to start up a Shapeways-based business.

Many people asked me if we had already planned a new meeting, and you’ve made me realise we should do this more often. So: stay tuned – I’ll make sure there’s another meetup in Amsterdam this year. I’ll also make sure there’s space to present your own project next time.

It certainly was a very inspiring evening for everyone and it was awesome meeting you all. Thanks for coming, and see you next time!


  1. Dwight Ligori

    I was totally surprised at how many actually are involved in 3d modeling/printing. It made me want to design even more. I saw the silver little rabbit and was amazed about the quality. I’m certainly glad to have been at this meeting and will join for sure the next time

  2. Tristan Bethe

    I enjoyed the meetup immensely! I only got to talk to a few inspiring people so please organize another one this year! I would even consider giving a presentation if I can come up with enough interesting information to talk about…

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