Amazing Detail of 3D Printed Silver Scarab Pendant

Check out the amazing detail in Dadrummond’s Scarab Pendant 3D printed in glossy silver by Shapeways… Wow…

If you have any amazing 3D prints like this please be sure to share them in the It Arrived forum especially if you take great photographs like these.  Great work Dadrummond.


  1. goebat

    Wow, that looks really cool. Is that how you got it from Shapeways, or did you polish it up yourself?

    1. Duann

      I think this is straight out of the box…

  2. goebat

    It looks amazing! I’m expecting my first Silver Glossy delivery today – if it looks as good as this I’ll be very happy :)

    1. Duann

      Cool, be sure to share images with us…

    2. goebat

      Sure will – Cheers Duann!

      Really dig this pendant!

  3. Andy

    Is it just me or is that thing creepy?

    Freaking me out.

  4. David Drummond

    Thanks for the kind words, all. This is straight out of the box — really sweet work by the production folks! @Andy, I’m sure it’s not just you. As a biologist, I conceived of the model in part as a way to separate those who think they like scarabs from those who actually like scarabs. (Happily my girlfriend is in the latter group.)

    1. David Drummond

      Wow, a big day for a little beetle! >1000 hits so far, mostly from BoingBoing. Whatever happens, thanks mostly to the SW community for all the feedback and ratings (and orders) over ~2 years, which led to tweaks and tests and many revisions (currently v8, but I remember the days before SW had versions!), which provides some confidence that — forgive me — the bugs have been worked out.

    2. Susan Jensen

      Hi David, congratulations on the great feedback you’re getting on this piece. I have a website devoted to scarab jewelry and would like to work with you on featuring this. Cheers!

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