It’s a 3D Printed Wrench-Off : UPDATE

There was a bit of attention recently surrounding a video theoretical physicist David Kaplan visiting 3D printing technology company Z Corporation where the process is demonstrated by the company’s Vice President of
Product Management, Joe Titlow. The clip show the “printing” of a
replica wrench, which, when complete, is used to tighten a nut in the
same way that a “real” wrench would be used.

The video went viral racking up nearly 5 million views so far and even flagged as being a fake..

Now Objet has released a video too getting in on the wrench action..

Kind of interesting considering the long history of use of rapid prototyping in toolmaking. Are you ready to start toolmaking with Shapeways 3D printing?

UPDATE: There was a bit of heat online about the inaccuracy of the footage between the scanning and printing process as the 3D scan was in no way used to create the model 3D printed. Check out David Kaplan’s response to what must have turned into a torrent of negative responses from the CAD and 3D print community.

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