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How To Put Your Best Photo Forward

Many of you know how to upload a photo of your 3D printed goodness to Shapeways and we are seeing an improvement in the quality of photographs taken on your model pages but some of you are still keeping the Shapeways generated greyscale render as your default image.

Once you have uploaded your photograph there is an option to specify Main Thumbnail Image, the Shapeways greyscale render will be called Default and all you need to do is select the image you would like to be used as the thumbnail.

Ensure you have a clear, well lit image cropped nice and tight to the object for the thumbnail image.  We are always on the lookout for great designs that are well documented and we will only feature them on the front page or any other galleries if there is a suitable photograph as the thumbnail

Ensure your images are 450×324 or 700×519 so they fill the thumbnail correctly.

If you want to sell your 3D printed designs be sure to open a Shapeways Shop and if you want to embed your Shapeways shop or favorites into another site check out the Shapeways widget.

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