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Combinatory Manufacturing: Please excuse this slight intermission

Hey guys, just a heads up that we have a momentary hold on our combinatory manufacturing. The hold will last for 2-3 weeks, and afterwards it will be back better than ever. Here are the details:
Those nifty necklace cords that some of the community orders along with their 3D printed pendants have run out. They were actually made available on a trial basis, and there was one initial order of necklace cords that was intended to be used until it ran out. The batch of cords ran out a lot slower than expected, hence the fact that I’m here sharing this info 1 year later! Still, in the last few months, the demand for necklace cords really picked up, and it’s become clear that this is a resource the community would like to continue to have on hand.
If you’ve placed an order for a free necklace cord to accompany one of your designs, you will receive it. However, we’re waiting for a new shipment of cords to arrive. So we’ll send along your 3D print, and get you your cord a couple of weeks later, as soon as the new batch arrives. 
As for the future of combinatory manufacturing, we’re also taking measures to make it into a sustainable part of our service over the long term. We’re still doing our research, but we’ll make sure we continue to offer these items, and we may even be offering free options, and even nicer paid options. Thanks for working with us during this hiatus, and stay tuned for better news!
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