Shapeways delivery

We’re in the process of negotiating with the big packaging delivery boys and girls. We’re trying to see who we will work with to deliver our Shapeways orders. Until we select the right partner we’ve had to come up with a temporary solution to deliver our packages for a while. That temporary solution will probably not get us any supply chain management awards any time soon.

Today Ralph and myself went to the postoffice with a carload of packages. The closest post office is a booth like thing inside a book store. When Ralph told the very nice woman behind the counter that we were going to return with even more packages her eyes bulged. Luckily for us we had a brainwave and used a shopping cart from the nearby supermarket to shuttle the packages from the car to the book store.

A line quickly formed behind us but for some incredible reason it was filled by the most patient people on earth. Only a queue of buddhist monks might have shown more restraint and peace while waiting. An eldery man found himself a chair while he waited and I tried to look as friendly as possible. As the line started to snake through the bookstore Ralph volunteered to help the nice lady with stickering the packages. Ralph took well to the stickering and was even offered a job with the post office which he politely refused. I’ve added some pictures of Ralph made with my cameraphone below. The pictures suck, my apologies.

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