The First Downloadable 3D Printer: Built in Minecraft

Wow, 8x8x12 meter 3D printer running inside of Minecraft.

Ok, it may not have the finest resolution (at 1x1x1 meter voxels) but this is a very impressive experiment that is the first 3D printer available for download… Yeah

Great work Shrogg2, check out the video showing the original concept and how it runs.. with virtual sheep, not sure if this is a New Zealand thing or a hat tip to Philip K Dick? Either way, very cool.

Found via 3D Printing is the Future.


  1. 3dfuture

    I had a lot of fun writing the satircal review of the printer.

    I don’t know how many of you folks play minecraft, but that printer would have taken hours and hours to build and perfect.

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