Photographer’s Friend

This is the perfect simple solution to lost lens caps, The Canon Capholder, by Spruce,

Many photographers lose there lenscap, especially me.
So it was time to solve this problem.

With this cap holder you just click your lenscap in and are ready to go.

This holder is suitable for every 58mm lenscap



  1. Mike Manderachia

    That is such an elegant solution and yet so simple. Do you make one for Nikon?

    1. Duann

      The holder is customizable to any lens size, but the default fits any 58mm lens cap…

  2. Michiel Cornelissen

    Yeah, interesting story, this one. I’d seen the Kickstarter capholder a few days ago and though, wow, this guy could just start producing now on Shapeways, no need for Kickstarter here. Then I saw this blogpost and thought, ah, he’s done it! And I tweeted about it.

    Then I checked back and realized that there were two different persons doing the KS and SW versions, and tweeted about that. Got a tweet back from the SW designer, saying that the Shapeways capholder is not a copy of the Kickstarter one.

    Anyway – I completely agree with Tom’s final statement…

    I personally believe in copyrights, by the way.

  3. MIng-Hua Kao

    Great idea. Shame it’s limited to a single cap diameter. I usually have two or three cap sizes one me (any combi of 49, 55, 67 and 72). Right now all my caps are attached using an elastic string. I’ve been thinking of a cap holder too but using a different principle which is not that size dependent. It’s on my fairly long “to design” list. :)

  4. Shapeways Blog

    As the tools of manufacture become available to more people through 3D printing, we are going to see an increasing number of products that are very similar to each other hit the market/internet at exactly the same time. The whole issue of patents, owner

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