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Cut&Paste and 3D Print: Introducing Eugenio Garcia: Global 3D Champion

Each year Cut&Paste hold the Digital Design Tournament, a competitive showcase held throughout the world where designers go head to head live on stage to find the global champions of design in 2D, motion graphics and 3D modeling. 

For the 2010-11 championships just passed, we were super excited to be involved in the final event held in New York City, where designers from New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, Berlin, Mexico City, Sao Paulo, Bangkok, Seoul, and Tokyo went head to head and Eugenio Garcia Villarreal was crowned Global 3D Champion.  Part of his prize, along with the glory of knowing he is the best of the best, Eugenio is now the first ‘virtual’ Designer in Residence at Shapeways.

With the assigned theme of Free Speech, in twenty minutes, working live on stage with no prepared assets, Eugenio designed his packaged Tongue to take out the championship.

Over the next couple of months we will work with Eugenio to see how he can translate his super speedy 3D skills into 3D printed awesome. For now we would like to introduce you to Eugenio, you should be seeing more of his work on the blog as he develops some ideas.

I’m a Graphic Designer, and a self taught 3d artist, I started studying 3D in 2005 and went on to work as 3D director in GrupoW , an interactive agency in Mexico, winning several awards, like Cannes Cyberlions, NY Festival, FITC ,One show, London Festival.

I later co-founded D10Studio, a studio with many specialists in design, 3D, motion graphics and web programmers. In fact, the other two of my partners were finalist in Mexico City, in 2D and motion at Cut&Paste this year!

My work has been published in digital art books like Expose & Digital Art Masters, magazines like, 3D world cg-node, cgarena, 3Dcreative and 3Dartist.  publications in web galleries and blogs, awards in 3Dtotal gallery, cgchoice award,  raph3D, dope awards  and of course, winning the Mexico Cut&paste in 3D category.

I have written tutorials, for 3Dtotal, 3Dtutorials, 3Dartist magazine, gomotion.
I’m a person who loves art, I have a lot of fun here in work,  and I can share my time between professional jobs and personal projects.

Winning Cut & paste was one of my life’s great moments, was a total experience, that change the way i see working with 3d graphics.
From the first round i was really excited, i love to do images, all kind of images,  and cut&paste was an opportunity to show that in a small amount of time, and the best part, in front of live audience, that gives you a great adrenaline rush..
All the process was fun, when I received the brief, my girlfriend and I brainstormed ideas, and the tongue idea was hers.  It originally took me 3 hours to refine the image, and i practiced doing it eight times to get my time in 20 minutes
It was a complete surprise to me win this contest as i said before, a lot of talented guys make this a hard competition.

This is a lifetime experience and of course, this give me more confidence doing my job!

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