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Shapeways Now Shipping Direct From the USA

We are EXTREMELY happy to let you know that for Shapeways orders in the USA, we will now be shipping your 3D printed products direct from New York.

Previously all of your packages of 3D printed goodness were distributed via our office in the Netherlands but now with US based distribution this will mean an end to nasty import duties and UPS surcharges for all US orders.  

Along with distribution we are also increasing our local production in the USA which result in you getting your items delivered to your door faster than ever before, reducing transportation time, cost and carbon….  We will be sharing more information on this soon.

For those of you outside of the USA you will continue to get the same great service at the same great price and items will begin to ship faster due to the shared load between our distributed production facilities.

This is our (slightly belated) 4th of July gift to our US community members.

NYC – Bronx – Bronx Zoo – 2007 Holiday Lights – American Flag / Wally Gobetz /

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