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This morning we shared with you some of the measures we’re taking to step up our supply chain for our community. We’re integrating all these improvements, but what about the state of our materials and our lead times right now? Here’s a quick rundown:

Silver – We’ve recently increased both printing capacity and casting capacity for Silver. At the moment, silver is running 2-4 weeks behind, and we expect to be all caught up by the end of this week.

Frosted Detail & Frosted Ultra Detail – A new printer for FD/FUD has been added. We’re presently 1-2 weeks behind on FD/FUD and expect to be caught up in 2-2.5 weeks. Part of the reason for this is the extra time needed to check and handle all Frosted Detail models.

White & Colored Strong Flexible – There are currently no delays in Strong Flexible.

Polished White Strong Flexible – Polished SLS is currently 1 – 2 weeks behind, and all issues will be resolved by the end of this week.

Alumide – There are currently no delays in Alumide.

White, Black & Transparent Detail – These materials are currently 1 – 2 weeks behind, but all issues will be resolved by the end of this week.

Ceramics - We’ve added a new, much bigger kiln (6x the capacity!) and have a new printer on the way. [Updated] Ceramics is currently 4 weeks behind, and will be back on track by the end of July.

Stainless Steel & Glass – There are no delays with Steel or Glass

Full Color Sandstone – There are no delays with Full Color Sandstone

We hope this info helps clear up some of your questions. This is new ground for all of us, so we’re glad to be able to improve with your help. Thanks for your patience and your input! Any further questions? Just ask.


  1. Fleafa

    My FUD and FD order was placed on the 4th of last month…

    1. CoreyC

      Mine was placed on the second and I received a shipment notification this morning.

  2. Jeff

    Great communication today. It’s greatly appreciated!

  3. Christina Westbrook

    Good to know, I was wondering. :)

  4. Ben Calvert-Lee

    I also want to say that one of the things I love about Shapeways is how community-oriented you are and how you take the time to inform us in far more detail than most other companies out there. This bit of info was perhaps a little overdue compared to your normal levels, but still great to have the insight!

  5. ana

    @Fleafa and @CoreyC I’m sorry to hear it, that’s longer than it should be. Have you already been in touch with Customer Support?

    I know this was a bit overdue, but I’m going to make sure these materials updates continue regularly. We’re striving to live and up to and exceed your expectations, and we’re lucky to have a community that pushes us to improve! Thanks guys.

  6. Luis

    Depending on how you get the ‘delay’ data, you could have a little sidebar (maybe only on shop view? or shop owner’s login?) that counts down/shows a dated bar graph of the estimated delivery time?
    Only if the ‘delay’ data was from an automated process, otherwise it would be a nightmare to have this done manually per item…!



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