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What’s Your Favorite Shapeways Shop?

I have been trawling through the Shapeways site checking out some of the amazing designs you are all 3D printing with Shapeways and I am a little overwhelmed as there is currently over 1600 Shapeways Shops full of an incredibly broad range of items.  It is no longer possible for me to keep track of all the new shops that are opening let alone the thousands of models that are uploaded each week. 

To help me keep on top I would like you to let me know your favorite Shapeways Shop? I will feature the favorite on the blog and randomly pick a winner from the people who suggest shops who I will personally give a $25 3D printing voucher!!!

I will keep this running til the end of the week and let the winners know over the weekend..

So, For $25 worth of 3D printing, Which is Your Favorite Shapeways Shop?

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