What’s Your Favorite Shapeways Shop?

I have been trawling through the Shapeways site checking out some of the amazing designs you are all 3D printing with Shapeways and I am a little overwhelmed as there is currently over 1600 Shapeways Shops full of an incredibly broad range of items.  It is no longer possible for me to keep track of all the new shops that are opening let alone the thousands of models that are uploaded each week. 

To help me keep on top I would like you to let me know your favorite Shapeways Shop? I will feature the favorite on the blog and randomly pick a winner from the people who suggest shops who I will personally give a $25 3D printing voucher!!!

I will keep this running til the end of the week and let the winners know over the weekend..

So, For $25 worth of 3D printing, Which is Your Favorite Shapeways Shop?


  1. Dizingof

    You’re asking shop owners to pick a favorite shop other than their own…
    well.. that’s a tricky one :-D

    1. Duann

      Oh, you can choose your own,

      you know I believe in self promotion ;)

  2. Steve

    I love Oskar Van Deventer’s shop full of puzzles I cant even comprehend how he designs.
    Most interesting application of 3D printing by far. Being able to make puzzles not possible by normal manufacturing is awesome

  3. Mitchell Jetten

    i really like my own train shop :P

    i also like virtox his desings ;)

  4. jeff bare

    Michiel Cornelissen’s shop is one of my favorites. Professionally presented products and some great designs too.

  5. SteveLikesCubes

    Oskar Van Deventer’s shop is simply incredible.
    He’s come up with so many amazing puzzles- I want them all!

  6. Bryton Williams

    Whystler’s Workshop. There’s just so many fun models there, I just wish I had more spare cash to buy them. The contrast between the antique/fantasy designs and the modern technology used to make them a reality makes both my inner fantasy geek and my inner scifi geek jump for joy. That’s definitely the first place I’d go the minute I have extra to spend.


  7. JakeD


    I would have to say Wondrous Widgets!!

    Plus, all you have to do to find it is type in: http://WondrousWidgets.com and it forwards right to the shop!!

    Or you can just type in Shapeways.com/shops/wondrouswidgets..that works too but isn’t nearly as fun

  8. Duann

    Thanks all,

    Keep them coming!!!!!

  9. duann scott

    Thanks all,

    A lot there I know of, any hidden gems that need unearthing too?

  10. Gillian Posey

    Bathsheba’s shop brought me here originally, and I think it’s still probably my favorite.

    1. Glenn Slingsby

      Uhm, did you post the right link? Three models and no photo’s…

    1. Glenn Slingsby

      Ah, gotcha. I don’t know if he/she is reading this but the computer generated models might need to be changed to the good photo’s… potential customers might be lost if they don’t see a nice image in the thumbnail…

  11. Duann

    #24 John Kellett YOU WIN____________________

    Emailing you now!

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