3D Printed Bunnies are Breeding

Bowie the Bunny by Baroba has multiplied and we are now shipping them out as part of the Shapeways Photo Contest….

Make sure you have an order in for your chance to win $500 worth of 3D printing !!!!

But Bowie will not make it into every box, so to ensure you have a chance to win you may want to include Bowie in your next order, take some photo’s of him in the wild and upload them to Flickr with the tag ‘Shapeways Photo Contest’ to win. 

Check out the contest page for full details and Good Luck..


  1. Paul King

    I ordered a Bowie yesterday.
    If they are multiplying, will I get 2 (or more)?


  2. George Bell

    Who will get a photo of David Bowie with Bowie the Bunny?

  3. Paul King

    Please can you confirm that the tag for the contest is specifically *shapewaysphotocontest* rather than the individual words as shown in the blog & contest page.


    1. Duann

      Hey, they both work, but the individual words in inverted commas is best.

      It takes a few hours for flickr to sort the query and send it to the link.


    2. Paul King

      OK, cheers Duann, I found out as well that a new Flickr account (like mine) needs minimum 5 photos uploaded and then indexing might take 24-48 hours after that… an fyi for others :)

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