A Hello World! from Mary

Hello everyone! I’m Mary, and I’ve recently joined Shapeways as Product Designer.

I like to think of Shapeways as the “Future of Stuff”. It’s an exciting time where 3D printing is coming out of labs and classrooms and becoming an accessible technology for making finished products, and I’m really happy to be a part of that.

I’m also co-founder of tech fashion label Continuum, where we recently released the N12 bikini. Previously I’ve worked at Local Projects and Small Design Firm designing interactive installations. My direct background is interaction design, although essentially I’m a generalist. I’ve done a bit of everything–illustration, costume design, animation, computational art, physical computing. (If you’re curious, you can see some stuff I’ve made here.)

As a designer, I’m specifically interested in how to design products that are dynamic, customizable, and represent the best potentials in materials and fabricating each piece on demand. 

As a maker, I’m excited by the creative platform that brings together so many people who make so many different things.

As an overall tech geek, I just really love 3D printing. and lasers. and robots.

I’m working on a number of things at Shapeways, both digital and physical.

One thing I’m working on can be summarized in this doodle:

In short, I hope to bring you some fun things in the coming months! The future is an awesome place.

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