Our Current Color Strong and Flexible range will be extended to end of August

Hello all,

A while back, we introduced a few new colors to the Strong and Flexible family (Indigo, Dark Grey, and Red), with an expiry date of end of May. I’m happy to announce that we will be extending those colors until the end of August. The Black, Strong and Flexible will, as always, be there (it’s a permanent color option). And yes, we will be re-evaluating the way we present colors for our Strong & Flexible family. I hear a lot of feedback around the possibility of having a permanent set of basic colors and we will be considering that option.

Thanks guys!


PS. Somebody told me it’s no longer Winter… so our Winter Red, Strong & Flexible is now just Red Strong & Flexible. Even though it is no longer winter, the material is still red.

(Note: It is winter the Southern Hemisphere, so Winter Red still technically valid, Duann πŸ˜‰

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