Win $500 Worth of 3D Printing: Shapeways Photo Contest

$500 worth of 3D printing is just a photograph away.

To celebrate the holidays and all things summer, Shapeways is giving you the chance to win $500 worth of 3D Printing. To enter simply take a photograph of Bowie the Bunny out in the wild and upload it to Flickr with the tag ‘Shapeways Photo Contest‘. We want to see Bowie the Bunny EVERYWHERE!!! If you go to Paris, take Bowie, if you go to Rome, take Bowie, if you go to Niagara Falls, take Bowie.

To make the contest even easier to enter we will be including a 3D print of Bowie the Bunny for free
in as many orders as we can over the coming weeks but we cannot
guarantee every order will get one, depending on how many of the bunnies multiply during the breeding period until August 19th when entries close.   If you want to ensure you have a chance to win
$500 worth of 3D printing you can always order a Bowie the Bunny designed by Baroba for yourself for as little as $4.90 (that’s less than 1% of the prize).

How to enter

  • Place an order with Shapeways as we will be including Bowie the Bunny into as many shipments as possible.
  • They will not be in every package so you may want to order your own Bowie the Bunny to ensure you have a chance to win $500 worth of 3D printing from Shapeways.
  • Take a photo of Bowie the Bunnie everywhere you go and upload the images to Flickr.
  • Tag the photos with Shapeways Photo Contest to be eligible.*
  • You can enter as many times as you like.**
  • The photo with the most favorites on Flickr will be chosen as the winner, so get your people to help you out!
  • No Photoshop or super imposed images will be accepted (but they will be considered humorous).***

Read the Contest Page to find out all the details how to win $500 worth of 3D printing with Shapeways!!!

* If you have trouble tagging images try using inverted commas “shapeways photo contest

** Yes, enter as many times as you like, we are keen to see Bowie get into all kinds of situations

*** OK, I (Duann) might personally find it funny but everyone else may not****

**** Personal disclaimer

the live views of others 3 / Tim Caynes / CC BY-NC 2.0


  1. Stijn

    Cool :-)

    The “contest page” leads tot 404.

    The example link uses “shapewaysphotocontest” as tag ;-)

  2. fx

    I’ve got currently three unshipped orders (FUD), and at the speed the backlogs are clearing I plan to receive my last shipment in the first half of august. Do you include bunny’s in “In production” and “accepted” orders,too ? I don’t plan to order anything else before I can see how my FUD parts are looking…

    1. Duann

      They are hot out of the printer and cooling down right now… As soon as they are ready we will start bagging them up and sending them out….

      Good Luck !

  3. Mitchell Jetten

    2 things why i can´t join!

    1. my plane leaves in 9 days :O
    2. The prize draw is not open to Shapeways employees or their families

    But i can’t wait to check you guys your pictures of the “bunny on holiday!” :D
    Good luck al!

    1. Alan Hudson

      What! it’s not open to employees? I quit!

      Ah just kidding guys… guys, really just kidding….

  4. gumball

    Clicking on any Bowie the Bunny or Baroba link gets me a 404.

    1. Me again

      chop the “/blog” out of the URL & it works


    1. Duann

      Sorry Baroba.

      Links updated.

      Our blog software strikes again.

  5. Shapeways Blog

    Bowie the Bunny by Baroba has multiplied and we are now shipping them out as part of the Shapeways Photo Contest….Make sure you have an order in for your chance to win $500 worth of 3D printing !!!!But Bowie will not make it into every box, so to ensure

  6. jeff bare

    Bowie can be used in any finish right? we can paint/dye our bowie if we wish and won’t be DQ’d?

    1. duann scott

      Hey Jeff, Any Bowie, any finish,
      We chose Bowie because we love him, and to keep some consistency to the images!

      Go For It!!

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