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Now Taking Your Questions for Shapeways Live!

Each month, I hold Shapeways Live — a webcast where I share some of the latest Shapeways news, and take questions from a live chat. It’s an awesome chance to connect with the community on a personal level, but it’s also been tricky to strike the right balance of sharing news, and keeping up with questions in the chat room. 

So this time, I’m experimenting with something a little different, and I’m hoping you’ll join in. 
I’m taking questions from the community ahead of time, via this forum thread. Then, on Wednesday at 2pm (that’s 8pm CET) I’ll jump onto Shapeways Live, give everyone a rundown on recent news, and answer some of the questions from the forum thread. Finally, I’ll leave off shutting down the camera, and dive into the chat room for the remaining time to hang out with everyone directly. Hope to see you there!

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