Entoforms is a really interesting project by Dolf Veenvliet aka macouno using Python scripts in Blender to create a series of Future Fossils using 3D printing.

Macouno is using IndieGoGo to crowd source funding to fully realize the creation, and exhibition of a series of limited issue, highly collectible, art pieces. They are artificial life, generated in the computer, 3D printed, grown, and presented in classic specialist entomology style. In august of 2011 the Entoforms will be exhibited in association with a renowned art gallery in Amsterdam.

The Entoforms are created with custom/new python scripts in Blender 3D, an open source (free) program. These scripts (addons), are not only useful for this project, but in some cases the entire 3D community. All the scripts will be released to the on-line community.

It is interesting to see more and more script based projects using Shapeways 3D printing to realize ideas and concepts into products and art.  As we see with the N12 3D printed Bikini, Nervous System’s jewelry, Henry Sergerman’s mathematical sculptures and Bathsheba’s Bathshebaness, code can be be beautiful, help us to understand nature, evolution, math and space.

You can support macouno’s 3D Printed Entoform project through IndieGoGo, $14 gets you some postcards, $71 gets you an Entoform, $142 gets you a boxed, labeled and signed Entoform, $284 gets you Your own personal Entoform! An Entoform grown based on your own name (or a name of your choice)! Boxed, labelled, signed and utterly unique!… or $771 for 4 personalized Entoforms! (saving you $365) but all support helps Dolf get to his goal of $14, 153 to make the project happen.