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Announcing Shapeways First 3D Design Workshop!


At Shapeways, we want the power of 3D printing to be available to everyone. That’s why we’re running our very first Intro to Design for 3D Printing. If you’ve been one of the many people who’s excited about personalized manufacturing, but aren’t sure how to get started, this is for you. 

On Saturday June 18th, from 1-4pm at the Union Square Ventures office, we’re teaming up with NY based architecture firm CASE to get you started in the world of 3D design. We’ll help you personalize your own case for the iPhone 4, and give you a voucher to get your case printed up for free on Shapeways. We’re also giving everyone who attends the workshop expedited shipping, so you can experience the satisfaction of holding something you made in your hands in just a couple of day. We’ll be providing pizza, you just need to bring your laptop, and an open mind.

RSVP to join us here!

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