$500 3D Printer Kit: The eMAKER Huxley (no longer) SOLD OUT

UPDATE: Another 500 eMaker 3D printers have now been made available for $550!!!! Expect a delay in delivery, but get em while they are hot…

No big surprise that a fully functioning 3D printer for $475 (or with $465 without 3D printed components needed) that eMaker made available through crowdfunding site IndieGoGo has sold out their first batch of 150 with 16 days still to go and exceeded their goal of $30,000 by raising $75,545….

The eMAKER Huxley 3D printer is a Replicating Rapid prototyping machine, or RepRap for short. It is derived from the open source RepRap project which was started at Bath University, UK.

Machine specifications:
– Build volume: 140x140x110mm
– Overall size: 260x280x280mm
– Printing materials: ABS, PLA
– Build surface: Milled Aluminium, heated.
– Resolution: 0.0125mm
– Speed: 12000mm/min
– Deposition rate: 33cm3 / hr
– Motion: Linear bearings on X and Y axes, Igus low friction bushings on Z axis.

Congratulations to the team at eMaker and the 150 lucky people who have scored themselves a 3D printer for under $500.

via Boing Boing

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