Does your character have character?

For the month of October we will be running a contest together with AWN, Animation World Network. If you somehow managed to miss this great resource for 3d modelers you should check it out. 

The contest is titled: does your character have character? So while our contest for this month is aimed at product designers this is one is for all you character modelers and animators out there. So, what does character mean, and how do you show that your model has it?

This one will be quite a challenge because it is a 3D printing contest. All the high end tricks with shading, lighting etc. you can just throw overboard because with a maximum polycount of 100,000 and a definition of 0.2mm in the produced model, animating for 3D printing is an entirely different story. So it is back to basics and back to the actual design.  

We will print out the winner’s design, give it to them and give that person $250 in 3D printing. The top 3 designs will be featured on Shapeways and AWN.

To enter submit your model to Shapeways with the tag AWN. You can submit your entries until the 20th of October. We will announce the winner on October 30st.

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