As we see awareness of the potential for 3D printing spread and the Shapeways community grow, we are also starting to see more and more businesses run off the back of the Shapeways shops.
Duann: What sort of 3D printing projects have you worked on and for who?


I’ve worked for many different people, it doesn’t matter to me what the object is, what matters is, can I create a sound 3D model of it and can it be printed? I love a challenge.

At Dot San you can see some of the crazy stuff I’ve modeled from shoes to door-handles, spaceships to body parts. Recently, I’ve been working more with artists who are beginning to harness the possibilities of 3d Printing. An interesting project I’ve just finished working on was for Stephanie Lampert – a New York based artist. Her exhibition Reconstructed Reliquaries at the Clair Oliver Gallery showed everyday objects formed by words. It definitely pushed all our skills to their limits, and it really pushed the boundaries of the Shapeways 3D printing process.