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Over 2000 3D Printed Dice on Shapeways

We have seen how popular Ceramic Wombat’s Thorn Dice Set have been over the past few months with a torrent of interest online that have converted into sales and requests for information from mainstream press (stay tuned).

Dice have become quite a popular attraction on Shapeways with over 2000 items now tagged as being dice, die or at the very least dicey… 

Along with the Thorn Dice, we have seen some really interesting experiments like the mathematician’s die, the simple yet beautiful 20 Sided Dice and of course Dizingof with a diceload of dice models on Shapeways with Mctrivia having even more…

So what are we going to see next in the world of dice? what other materials would the dice masters like to see available to 3D print their die in? What else will be as popular as dice in the Shapeways shops?

The above widget showcases just some of the thousands of dice currently available. If you would like to use it somewhere the code is :

<iframe frameborder=”0″ src=”″ style=”border: 1px solid rgb(192, 192, 192); height: 464px; width: 474px;”> </iframe></p>

Or you can make you can make a widget from your own shop, shop section or favorites.

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