Black or blue: you choose!

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We promissed to offer some new 3D printing materials and our next one will be a relative of White Detail. It will be priced similarly and the material properties will be the same. We have two colour options for you though: black or blue.

The black is an interesting one it is a solid black when looked at from some angles and in others looks much more faded. The blue is a pale blue that also changes colour, from a light blue to a blue-ish grey. Both models actually look very different depending on the type of light and brightness you expose them to. I’ve made a bunch of pictures below, and the poll can be found on our main page. So hurry on over there to vote so we know what our next colour should be!

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    1. joris


      we want the poll to run for another three weeks, so after that we will introduce the winning new material. I think untouchable would look amazing in the black or blue. Any art object type print looks great in Transparent Detail if you ask me. I think that the black or blue would also look nice for any kind of faceted object or an object with exposed planes. I hope you can see it in the pictures but the way the object changes colour when you look at it from different angles and in different light is really cool.

  1. Shapeways Blog

    Right in time for Halloween we are introducing a new material: Dlack Detail. To make this introduction extra special we are giving you a 66.6% discount on this material up and until the 19th of October. This means that 1 cubic centimetre of this mater

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