An awesome industrial design project that uses 3D printing to construct a custom PC case from scratch.  Very ambitious and very impressive project by Pazu….

We see many projects on Shapeways where a 3D printed component is combined with a single other component to improve or extend the capability of a product.  We see a lot of protectors and stands for mobile gadgets, especially the iPhone and iPad.  We see occasional projects that combine multiple 3D printed materials together to make the most of there different material properties, but we rarely see them combined in one big project. Pazu aka ArkAngel has spent a couple of months designing, detailing and constructing a stunning custom PC case that utilizes 3D printing in an intelligent, efficient and aesthetic manner that is a great example of how to realize a relatively complex item.

The attention to detail in the fixings is also really quite impressive as it is often where different materials meet, whether 3D printed or not, that tolerances can become a little tricky.  ArkAngel has done a fantastic job of integrating the perspex sides, the fans and other electronics, mechanical fasteners and what looks like  neodymium rare earth magnets. Magnets always add a cool factor..  He has also documented the process beautifully which helps for us all to appreciate the hard work that has gone into the project.

We also see how he has used the transparent detail as a positive in a cut out of his logo to great effect.  Here is where the tolerances between the two materials could have been an issue but it has worked a treat.


The fan housings are secured really nicely in place with these 3D printed components.  I can see how he could have used the flexibility of WSF her to create a springy suspension to help isolate vibration in necessary, making the most of the complexity of the materials through the form of the components.

Overall a really impressive project with many really lovely details.  I am looking forward to seeing it fully loaded up and functioning. 

If you have a project that uses 3D printed components in combination with other parts to realize a complex project be sure to share with us in It Arrived or Feature This on the Shapeways forums.