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Recap: ICFF 2011

Yesterday afternoon, the Shapeways NY team disassembled our first ever booth at ICFF. The International Contemporary Furniture Fair has been around since 1989, and has become the most sought after interior design trade show in North America. What was exciting for us though, as the new, hyper modern customized manufacturing kids on the block, was how warmly we were welcomed. Not only did most people we talked with already know what 3D printing is (the Javits center was full of product designers, after all), most people had already heard of Shapeways, and had even come to the Fair looking for us. Watching so many designer’s eyes light up as their imaginations began to churn was a thrill. The words “I just placed an order with you!” was uttered more than a few times.

Huge thanks to Jessica and Jesse from Nervous System for helping run our booth and for sharing your work. You guys, Chris Hardy and our contest winner, Dominik Raskin, all showed the ICFF audience that exceptionally talented folks can use rapid manufacturing to create progressively more beautiful and challenging things. Another special thank you to John Briscella of Aminimal Studios, who made our booth look amazing. Keep an eye out for some of his highly unique work over the coming months. 

Are you a product designer who’s thinking about the creative possibilities of 3D printing beyond just prototyping? If so, what can we do to help?

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