A Flood of FUD: Ultra High Detail 3D Printing is a Hit

Since the introduction of Shapeways Frosted Detail and Frosted Ultra Detail we have had a flood of orders from people making most of the high resolution 3D prints.  Many of you have shared your items as they have been delivered to your door and it has been really exciting for us to see your reactions.  Our printers are working around the clock, and even the UPS crew are struggling to keep up.  Check out some of the images posted so far in the It Arrived forum.

Baltimore must be on intimate terms with his local UPS driver.

What is most amazing is how incredibly small some of the prints are and just how fine the details are, models that make a pin look huge like CGD’s military models….

Read on to see more amazingly detailed 3D prints in the almighty FUD…..


Amazing detail in Eppium’s lizard.

We are seeing loads of model trains roll through by the likes of Stony Smith and Jettuh.

Not just trains, its HO accessories like a garbage bin, of course..

1:40 models by Kaetemi are looking incredible..

Menger sponges by Virtox showing just how small and clean apertures can be in FUD.

More tiny military miniatures by GCD…

Be sure to keep showing us your models as they come in, whether they be our ‘classic materials, or the new FUD, Smooth WSF or Glazed Ceramics!!!!

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  1. Spongeinside

    =D they look great! Mine should come in today.. they’re not very detailed models, but should look great in FUD anyway =D Just hope the UPS people hurry up and ring my doorbell soon!

    1. Spongeinside

      Just checked the tracking, they’ve already visited me… but they must have forgotten to ring the bell, because I was home at the time it says on the tracking page, but I haven’t heard the doorbell… They’ll come back tomorrow, but I won’t be home than, hopefully they leave the package at one of my neighbors, so I can pick it up when I get home.

  2. roofoo

    I notice you made no mention of the printing errors some people have been getting. Any info on what you’re doing about that? I’m hesitant to order until you have the kinks worked out.

  3. billbedford

    I got some of mine today too. They guys in the shop were bowled over with them — that is once they had found their glasses:-)

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