3D Systems Acquires Freedom of Creation

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The same day we were launching 3D printing of Ceramics, 3D Systems has now added Freedom of Creation to their ever growing list of acquisitions over the past year.

Firstly congratulations to Janne Kyttänen who founded Freedom of Creation back in 2000, winning numerous design awards, with works in design museums around the world such as MOMA and the Vitra Design Museum, Janne’s work has been an inspiration to many designers to adopt 3D printing as a production option for their new designs. The quality and consistency of FOC’s work has led them to produce works for clients such as Nike, Hyundai, Nivea and Phillips, opening the eyes to the broader public about the possibilities of 3D printed design.

Now that FOC is owned by 3D Systems it has become part of the rapidly changing 3D printing landscape over the past few years as new players start to emerge, and some existing players begin to merge in to larger conglomerates.  

This move might be viewed as surprising, since up to now 3D systems trajectory has been absorbing many service companies (Quickparts, MCast, etc) and companies associated with the making of 3D printers (Bitsfrombytes, Desktop Factory, etc). Freedom of Creation is the first content company and we are very curious to see how the strategy of 3D systems will unfold and what role FOC will play within 3D systems.


  1. Doug Bucci

    Thanks Duann for posting this. It seems 3D Systems is buying the RP world up in a hurry.

  2. Glenn Slingsby

    …and then Google will buy 3D Systems!

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