Reviewing our 3D model database

For the launch of our new material tomorrow we need to know the surface area of the models. This information is available for all models uploaded since we introduced MeshMedic in March 11th, 2010, but for models uploaded before March 11th, 2010, it is not. This means we will run those models through MeshMedic for the first time.

This run through MeshMedic will also merge separate meshes into one leading to lower prices for some models and higher prices for others as discussed here. It also has an impact on hollow models. Currently hollow parts need to have a hole and we check for that. If the hole is not there we remove the inside mesh to avoid any problems during production. Otherwise support material or other material will be trapped inside your model.

During this run of older models through MeshMedic, it is possible that you receive an error email from us, about an old model you uploaded before March 2010. We can repair most issues, but in some cases we cannot. That is when you will receive this email. It is also possible that we will now detect problems in your models which were accepted before.
Here you can read how to hollow out your model.

We expect to be processing models until May 24th. We are very sorry for any inconvenience we may have caused. However it will enable us to launch an awesome new material tomorrow that we hope you will love AND it improves the quality of models in our database leading to fewer problems after those models are ordered.

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