ANOTHER New Material About To Hit Shapeways

What Could Possibly Be Next?

We are about to launch yet another new material on Shapeways this week so you better get your CAD fingers ready and start thinking what you can do with this awesome material, never before seen on Shapeways…

What could it be?

What will you make?

When will it launch? Very soon……


  1. fx

    “Introducing Glazed Ceramics” ?

    1. Michell Delsmith

      Introducing Glace Cherries

    2. fx

      To be honest, I must say the picture was much sharper when I wrote my first comment…

    3. Luis Commins

      I agree, now it looks like a birthday cake for Android.

    4. Duann

      Someone on the Shapeways Facebook Page posted a way to see it so I tweaked the distortion a little ;)

    5. Andrea

      Old image is still available with less ‘R’ on filename :-)
      And yes, I think you’re right with text :)

  2. Luis Commins

    “Introducing Silicone (and in a thinner font to fit the ‘image’)Rubber”..

  3. whitehead_r

    Wax! Wax! Please make it wax!!

  4. eTraxx

    As a relative ‘newbie’ .. I assume that the Hi-Res Wax request .. that would be for lost investment castings?

  5. Paul King

    1mm-wall-thickness-anywhere stainless steel


    something completely different :)

  6. Glenn Slingsby

    Chocolate! – Just kidding… :) Hhmm, let’s see… My guess is GOLD – not that plated gold stuff that I won’t ever buy again…


  7. Glenn Slingsby

    In keeping with the previous Blog posting that I think was a clue – 3D printed HAM !!

  8. George Bell

    Oooh, the suspense is killing us … please tell us! ;-)

    1. George Bell

      Oh, I get it. ANOTHER New Material Not About To Hit Shapeways …

    2. drscott

      In one hour, all will be revealed…

  9. Stijn van der Linden

    Something to do with Friday the 13th perhaps?
    Printing with broken mirrors ;-)

  10. dadrummond

    Surface area calculation now needed…I’m thinking metal-coated hi-res wax printing.

  11. Lincoln

    It would be great if you guys could put out the new requirements (wall thickness, etc) ahead of time so we can start working on pieces to be ready the day the new material is announced. :)

  12. Picofarad

    Polished opaque ivory ultra detailed. (that’s my wish……)

    1. Glenn Slingsby

      Hhm, ground up ivory powder! I’m thinking the elephants and rhinos might be a little p***ed at that! :)

    2. duann scott

      hmmm, 3D printed ivory would be a little too un-p.c.

      but ceramic must be kinda close?

  13. Anonymous

    Ivory as a color, not a material…..

    1. Glenn Slingsby

      Hahaha, I see… gotta be specific, you know ;)

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