A gem from p2p foundation, hack a guitar and genes+jeans

Another gem from the p2p foundation blog, in a piece about resilient communities they talk about the infrastructure needed for these communities to exist. The gem, “products can be improved by vast global tinkering networks.” That to me sums our wildest dreams up perfectly. A vast network of global tinkerers. 

Hack your guitar is a blog about hacking, changing and modding guitars. DJ Dual Core, runs us through his efforts at using Google Sketch Up to do solid modeling. Some of this will seem all to familiar to our members who have tried to use Sketch Up as a solid modeling tool. It’s a good run through for anyone that wants to try use Sketch up to create functional 3D printed parts.

The mass customization and open innovation weblog tells us about indi, company dedicated to making custom jeans. Their slogan is fittingly, “fits your style and your genes.” It seems to be a great idea, I know a lot of people that take the fit of their jeans very seriously and that are very loyal to jeans that fit well. If you could completely customize them why would you ever buy anything else? I got stuck on page three of the ordering process, all sizes are US and there was no conversion tool present. Also, some questions were confusing, “what is your seat shape?” and “what is your thigh shape?.” I might have to ask my girlfriend about the answers to those. Be it as it may I think the idea is wonderful and it should work if they get those boo problems sorted

Image credit: Variable 1979

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