Alan Hudson joins Shapeways

Hello Shapeways!

I’ve recently joined Shapeways and figured now was a good time to introduce myself. I’m
Alan Hudson your new 3D Tools Developer.

First, a bit about myself. I’m a long time Open Standards and Open Source developer. I’m the project leader for Xj3D which is used to processes your models. I’ve also been involved in the creation of the X3D and COLLADA standards. Over the years I’ve put out over 1 million lines of Open Source code like on Aviatrix3D, and I’m excited that Shapeways wants to continue that trend.

I’m going to head up the development of our 3D toolchain. We’ll continue to improve the supported 3D formats and reduce the processing time of the system. In addition I’ll be putting out code to enable 3D editor creation. In a future post I’ll sketch out my plans for this library. But as a teaser it will include Shapeways API support and some code to help in hollowing out your models.

That’s all for now, see you on the forums.


  1. pete

    Hey Alan, welcome! and…. love the shirt ;-)

  2. Michael Williams

    The shirt is to distract from the pink guitar :-P . So your the one that needs to write in iges and step support. Please? lol

  3. horst

    This must be your wild-and-crazy twin brother! I’ve yet to see the blonde, tie-dyed Alan with my own eyes.

  4. Alan Hudson

    I have a summer and winter personality. Summer does art projects, winter writes iges code :)

  5. Dizingof

    Hey Alan,

    How about an encrypted, fast loading, Flash 3D full color viewer for our models?
    (i’ve been nagging about this for ages… shapeways needs to lead on this)

    oh and Welcome ;)

    1. Alan Hudson

      We are working on a highly available viewer that is available to all web clients. Likely this will be through a series of fallbacks, ie test for WebGL, test for Flash… else fallback to images. Its on my radar, will get you expected dates when I know them.

      Your dice rock btw, my gamer friends are blown away.

    2. Anonymous

      You probably had a look at ! That’s what available there.

    3. Dizingof

      Actually if you search the forums i stumbled upon a German 3D service website about a year ago that had an amazing 3D viewer in flash long before escargot…

  6. jeff bare

    always super happy to see shapeways growing. hope the job’s fulfilling and a good fit for ya. looking fwd to awesomeness in the form of lines of code.

  7. Donn Christianson

    I’m glad you found a place there, Alan. You will be good for them.

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