DISCLAIMER: When we launched this material in 2011, we used to polish models for much longer; this is how we achieved a smooth and shiny finish. One of the disadvantages of this process was a loss of details on fragile models. When we changed the whole process to achieve more efficiency and faster turnaround times, we were also able to find the right balance between a smoother finish and sharper details. Please note that we no longer offer such long polishing times and if you order this material, your models will have a smooth, matte and velvet finish.   

Shapeways is launching a smoother (and a bit shinier) White Strong and Flexible: WSF Polished.


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Chain Maille by 


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iPhone Cases by C Westbrook Designs


“The quality exceeds my expectation! It feels the same as injection moulded nylon, like for example the plastic part of a car key…With this quality level it makes the product perfect for selling in a store… I am really enthusiastic about this new SLS treatment!” -Gijs de Zwart, studiogijs

“With the new smooth finish, White Strong & Flexible material has the same feel as a molded plastic part. It doesn’t feel like a “prototype” anymore and the smooth surface stands up much better to daily use.” -Jessica Rosenkrantz, Nervous System

“The finish is silky smooth, and even gives glints of reflections! The surface feels almost as if the model has been injection molded…My wife has just has a feel of the polished SLS, she says, Ooo… they feel like Mentos!” — Paul King, Stop4stuff


Unlike Mentos, WSF Polished is not edible (Duann, I’m looking at your son). We even have a video testimonial from Oskar, discussing both pros and cons of the new material

For more information on Polishing process and design precautions, please consult the WSF Polished Materials Page.

Polished WSF will start at just $0.25/cm3 extra in addition to the WSF costs. We will add the material to all items currently available in White Strong & Flexible, with the same markup as the WSF. If you want to remove this material, or set a percentage based markup price for your products in this material, please see the Markup Bookmarklet an awesome community member hacked together.