Kinect up to Han Solo in Carbonite

Live out your Star Wars fantasies in time for the next installment of the franchise and make like Han Solo and freeze. Now upload to shapeways and 3D print.. I know Shapeways community member Todd Blatt has been running slightly higher resolution experiments, can’t wait to see his full size 3D print ;)   I am really looking forward to seeing more of these Kinect experiments start to tun into slightly more practical processes.  What would you scan with a Kinect and 3D print?


Image above is Todd Blatt’s Scan

Kinect Project found via Boing Boing


  1. Glenn Slingsby

    Personally, I think Microsoft is missing out big-time on bringing out software to make use of the Kinect to allow “the average Joe” to make a 3D file of an object or person, rather than individual “hackers” adapting it for this use.


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