Co-creation news

This is a great inspirational video about co-creation that in a stylish way outlines what co-creation is. Some nice lines from it such as, “freedom because more people will know what its like to be creative” and “now you are what you share.

That video is on John Winsor’s blog, he wrote “Spark: be more innovative through co-creation” which is a nice book to get you started on the subject and was written in 2005. So pre-history in the co-creation world.

This video is also about co-creation and innovation, it is much more in documentary form but the examples and discussions in it are great. The video is told from a big company perspective, can corporations innovate? The examples in the video m&m’s, WD40, Bailey’s really explain the dilemma’s for big companies well. Via Herd.

Image credit: Sorn, Creative Commons Attribution

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