How strong is 3D Printed White Strong & Flexible?

I was hanging out with some friends over the weekend, and we were throwing some Shapeways items around. They asked me “how strong is this material anyway?” “Well,” I responded, “what better way to find out than to test it out yourself?”

Here are the results..

BAM! (thanks to Nervous System for use of their Reaction Vase)

Do you have a materials torture video you’d like to share? Let us know!


  1. Bryton Williams

    “The milk failed but the vase survived” is my new favorite phrase. Good to know the name “White *Strong* and Flexible” is exactly what it says on the tin. :D

  2. Addie

    Nice product testing there! The ripped jeans add to the effect! :P

  3. GWMT

    For those of us who want to spill milk with our prints – what’s the maximum and minimum wall thicknesses of that vase?

    1. nancyliang

      is this a challenge to do the same with thinner parts? :)

    2. GWMT

      Doing the same thing with thinner parts is the default plan for *everything* – Shapeways ain’t giving away material for free! :-)

      There might be a contest in that idea: design a part with the least amount of material no bigger than a certain cubic area that will support a certain weight…

    3. Jessica and Jesse @ Nervous System

      and by lamp I mean vase…

  4. Shapeways Blog

    You have seen the video of just how strong 3D printed White Strong and Flexible is with the table top impact test. Now XXL1966 has shared a video on YouTube of some more advanced torture techniques on Black Strong and Flexible (which is WSF dyed black)I

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