Hello again! Today, I’m proud to announce two new developments in the way Shapeways enables your creativity: the remodeling of our creator page and a brand new creator to go with it!

First, our new creator page…Shapeways is constantly looking for new ways to help people who do not know how to 3D Model to design and create new things. We do this via our Creators and Co-Creation Platform. Over time, we have accumulated a lot of different creators and variations, and our Creator page has gotten a bit crowded. This week, we’ve cleaned it up a bit. Hopefully this will make it easier to use and understand.

Speaking of ways of helping you create, we are also happy to introduce our Image Popper! The concept is simple, upload a black and white JPG. Then tell us how big you want it, how much you want to raise it, etc. and watch your design upload directly to your shop.

Got feedback? Let me know on the forum.

What can you make with this?

How about a nameplate?

Or a plaque of your company’s logo?

Or a pendant? Earring?
(By the way, I already made some sales with this model, which I made by just uploading a jpg file)

Interested? Start creating!
Got feedback? Let me know on the forum.