4000 Items Sold from Woody’s Minifig Customs Shop

Congratulations to Woody’s Minifig Customs on reaching 4000 sales from his Shapeways shop.

Group in Black Detail (coated)

Woody designs a range of Lego Mini-figurine accessories inspired by historical items from the late 17th and 18th century with nearly 500 items in his Shapeways store and he also offer to do custom items upon request via his Facebook page and check out some of his images on his Flickr page.

SCR-300 and Scottish beret

We are beginning to see more and more micro-businesses built upon Shapeways, using Shapeways to handle the financial transaction, production and distribution so that designers, artists, makers can concentrate on the fun stuff… Designing and making….

Let us know how we can help enable your business, what can we do to make it easier, what are we doing wrong, and if you have a business you are running off of the Shapeways site, let us know how your business is powered by Shapeways?

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  1. Michiel Cornelissen

    Congrats, Woody!

    In general, I’m happy to see that there is more and more attention to professional and semi-professional users of Shapeways, with Woody’s story, Jettuh’s, and the 100K mark for shopowners. Sometimes, SW seems to concentrate on the ‘everybody can design’ theme, of which I doubt the relevance. (not everyone can make decent music either, right?!)
    I think the most important thing to get right for a platform like Shapeways is the availability of excellent content, for which you need good designers and entrepreneurs. If customers can find that content on Shapeways, that’s where they’ll go.

    Cheers, Michiel

  2. Mitchell Jetten

    I totally agree with Michiel!

    4000 pieces, means there really is a big market for!

    Hope to see the 10.000mark soon Woody!

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