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Re-Think Education with Shapeways & HackThink

Imagine if your 5th grade classroom had a 3D printer in it. 
If modeling in 3D was something you learned in school, what would you make? Bridges? Models of human hearts? A replica of the pyramids? What if how well you designed an object in 3D was something you were graded on, because it helped show how well you understood how stuff worked? What about your hobbies? Maybe you’d print your own toy cars. Maybe you’d even get good enough to sell them to the other kids… Or their parents!
It’s because of the amazing potential custom production has to impact learning that Shapeways is sponsoring HackThink. HackThink is a 3 day education hacking competition being held at Pivotal Labs in NYC. The organizers are big fans of Shapeways and 3d printing, and we’re really excited at the opportunity to meet, talk, and make something with inspired folks. 
If you’re a Shapie in or near NYC who wants to help inspire the next generation of makers join us for a challenging, rewarding weekend. The festivities begin on Friday April 22nd at 5:30pm and go until Sunday April 24th at 9:00pm. And if you move fast, earlybird tickets at a reduced price are available until end of day today. We hope we’ll see you there!