3D Printed Racing Car, Powered by Screwdriver

One day you stare at your cordless screwdriver and you wonder: ‘What else can I use this for?’. Well, it could power your full-size, 3D printed racing car, for one!

Teams of Design students from Germany and Switserland have done exactly that. They will be racing each other at the Hildesheim Airport on the 28th of May this year in the annual ‘AkkuSchrauberRennen’ contest. It’s hosted by the Design faculty of the University of Applied Science and Art Hildesheim (HAWK), Germany and Bosch.

While 3D printing isn’t a requirement for the contest, the model that HAWK uses in their communication is fully 3D printed on a Stratasys FDM printer (the same material as our Grey Robust, only in Black), and features a ‘bionic internal structure’ to reduce the weight. Printing time was a staggering full 10 days! Check out the high-resolution photographs.

For some more background information, see: ‘A winning car from the printer‘ (translated by Google from German, so oddly a bit it may see 😉

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