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Silver price lowering for earrings & cufflinks

Hey guys, thanks for all your feedback on silver so far! It’s great to see so many people inspired and enthusiastic.

In response to your feedback, I am happy to announce that we will be eliminating extra start up costs for pairs of earrings and cufflinks.

We will no longer be charging $40 for each earring or cufflinks!

There is one flat fee for the first 1 cm3 (of $40). Afterwards, each further cubic centimeter will be $20/cc.

Please note though, this does only applies to natural pairings (like earrings and cufflinks), and this does not apply to earrings/cufflinks with more than 2 parts. We incur a lot of costs on a per part basis, hence the flat fee. However, we hear your pain and would like to help you design more beautiful things, so for earrings and cufflinks we’ll make an exception.

I hope to see more beautiful things in silver soon! Remember to share your photos in the “It’s Arrived” section of the forums.


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