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Creating a Twisty Puzzle for 3D printing in SolidWorks

One of the things I simply couldn’t wrap my head around is how people design Rubik’s cubes mechanisms. Eitan Cher shows us how to do it – it involves some clever Solid Works tricks and a LOT of manual labour.

Eitan writes:

Some of you may have seen the plethora of puzzles that have been uploaded to Shapeways in the past few years by members such as Tom van der Zanden and Oskar van Deventer. Well, I’m one of these twisty-puzzlers, and I’ve just made a video showing how to do it.

Bored out of my mind in freshman CAD class, I decided to find better things to do with my time, and promptly began to design twisty puzzles. In the 5 minutes that follow, I’ll walk you through through the design of my most recent puzzle, the Master Heximate, ending with me holding the finished puzzle in my hands. It goes by kind of fast, but if you’ve had any experience with CAD you should be able to get the gist of it.


Eitan is currently finishing up his 3rd year in mechanical engineering at the University of Colorado at Boulder. If anyone out there is looking for an enthusiastic product design intern for the summer, a single email would seriously make Eitan’s day. To see some of his other designs, pay a visit to Eitan’s shop.

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