Shapeways Sydney Meet-Up April 11 2011

Hey Aussies, I am going to be in Sydney on April 11th 2011 and would love to meet up with any Shapeways users, drop by the Hotel Coronation at 6pm and the first beer/wine/alcopop is on us. The Hotel Coronation is at 5-7 Park Street, Sydney, RSVP via our MeetUp page or just drop in if you are near by.  It will be a nice, casual opportunity for us to meet and discuss Shapeways, 3D printing, the weather and beer.  Cheers.

+ =)


    1. drscott

      Cool, I will recognise you by your fractal wares :)

  1. unellenu

    I look forward to meeting you.

  2. Glenn Slingsby

    Come to Toronto. I’ll make my igloo toasty warm!


  3. clinton

    Hang on, you posted this on April the 1st. Is this a joke ?


    1. drscott

      Ha, no, it is for real.

      It would be cruel to offer a free beer as a prank.

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