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An Awesome Month of March at Shapeways

What a month March was for the Shapeways community.

We started the month with an invite to join us at Makerfaire UK in Newcastle, which turned out to be a great success with Ralph and Bart joined by community members Euphy and Stop4Stuff who had an awesome time talking until their throats were hoarse about 3D printed coolness.

We launched the ICFF contest to give you the opportunity to have your 3D printed designs on show in NYC, already the contest is hotting up with some great entries, make sure you get yours in soon.

Shapeways updated it’s dyed strong and flexible range to include Dark Grey and Indigo to Winter Red and Night Black.

We made it possible for you to log in to Shapeways with Facebook and Twitter making it easier for new users to sign up and purchase your designs, Like your items and tweet the love.

The Stainless Steel Design Rules were given a tweak to ensure that there is greater consistency and reliability with the stainless steel process.

SILVER made a long awaited comeback after months of being sorely missed with a better pricing model for you, tell us what you think and show us your stuff…

Evgeniy Grigoriev’s 3D printed Microcubic puzzle became recognized by Guinness World Records as The smallest Rubik’s Cube at 10 mm. Congratulations Evgeniy!

Shapeways and community member Stony Smith were part of a major spread in Wired Magazine on ‘How to Make Stuff’ featuring a step by step on how to make stuff with Shapeways…

SXSW Interactive got it’s first taste of the Shapeways bug when we blew the minds of tech heads from around the US with our 3D printed neatness, prepare to see how they use it to make their stuff real.

We increased the number of triangles that can be uploaded to one million so that you can get greater detail into your complex models, is this enough or do you want more?

Via our API you can now upload your mashed up Mixermesh models direct to Shapeways for 3D printing, great for weirding out any CAD files to absurd low-brids that would make Herodotus proud.

We had two of the Shapeways community become involved in the inspirational mega-movement that is TEDx with Juho Viitasalo being invited to present in Osaka and Gavin Kinneally presenting in Concordia.

As if that was not enough the month ended with The Dizzying Demand for Dungeons & Dragons Dice and finally the Shapeways team in New York celebrating their hard work with the official opening of our new office with a 3D printed soiree.

Aside from all of the amazing work the team has accomplished, we have also had a great month with over 4,500 new users signing up to Shapeways, over 3,000 new orders, over 11,000 nearly 13,000 new models uploaded by the Shapeways community and growing every week.  A big thanks to all of you are are contributing to making Shapeways such an AMAZING place on the web where people can create, share, sell and connect with other who are passionate about doing the same..

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