ICFF Contest Update

With three weeks to get your entries in for the Shapeways ICFF 11 Design Contest we have seen some cool entries roll in and had a few questions so I thought it would be a good time for an update, and to take a look at some of the entries so far head on over to the bottom of the contest page to check out the competition.

Firstly to recap the basics.

The winner will get their design 3D printed in the material of their choice and displayed along with the best contemporary design in the world at ICFF in NYC.

To enter, upload your design to Shapeways and add the tag ‘ICFF11‘ to it. It must be a new design to Shapeways and you also need to upload a full color render or photograph. The winner will be chosen by the Shapeways design and marketing staff in NYC.
You can submit designs to the contest with a value of up to U$400 and the design can be wholly 3D printed or it can incorporate other components (you will need to supply them if you win to display at ICFF)

Entries are open until the 17th of April 5:00 PM EST 2011

OK, the updates:

The winning design will be shown alongside other objects from the Shapeways Community, curated by Shapeways. The winner will have the option of submitting additional pieces for display at ICFF, but Shapeways will be vetting designs to ensure suitability.

The winner will get to keep their 3D model after the show, we will ship it back to you as per normal.

The 3D model does not have to be fully functional, it can be a prototype, a lamp does not have to work,, but it would be nice.

You can enter as many times as you like, the contest is open to students, professionals, design studios, schools, artists, architects, engineers, anyone but the design must be suitable to be shown at ICFF, so think furniture, home decor, lighting, tableware, and alike.

If design requires assembly with third party parts you will need to supply these if you win.  It would be preferable if you could assemble and provide it to us complete.  If this is not possible we will need really good instructions along with any extra parts needed (please no soldering, drilling, welding or weaving).

To see what is suitable, check out Apartment Therapy‘s top picks from last year.

Or the Designboom mart from last year

And Core77′s picks from 09

Now let’s see what you got? Upload your designs with the tag ‘ICFF11‘ to enter.

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  1. Cindy Wong

    Hi there
    If i need to send you instructions/ some background information- where do you send it to? As i assume the upload function is expecting for the rendering files.
    Also – i am new to 3D printing but where there are connection points. Is there an expectation that we will need to send you separate renders and explain to you how they break down and how they need to be connected?

    Please advise.

    1. Duann

      Hi Cindy,

      The winner will be chosen based on the renders/photographs.

      If you are the winner we can discuss assembly and other complexities at that point.

      Good luck

    2. cinders

      Thanks Duann. One more quick thing:
      So what you have said is you will need renders but also you will still need the 3D files with file extensions you have listed in http://www.shapeways.com/upload/
      >>Create a design in your own 3D application
      >>Export it to one of the supported file formats (STL, X3D, Collada, VRML97 or VRML2).

      Am i correct? Sorry for asking you more questions.

    3. Duann

      No Problem..

      That’s right,

      We need to make sure the item is actually 3D printable before we choose it as a winner..

      Please feel free to ask as many questions as you like.


  2. Shapeways Blog

    We have updated, announced the judges and now time is running short to get your entries in to the Shapeways ICFF Design for 3D Printing Contest.So far we have Over One Hundred Entries in the contest and more are pouring in by the second (ok, by the minu

  3. nadinesalvador101

    i cannot upload a fully rendered image of my design,in jpg. please help. today is the last day so i need to send my entries. thank you very much.

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