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3D/DC : 3D Printing Community Meets DC Policy Community

On April 28th at 3D⚡DC, the 3D printing community will descend on
Washington, DC to show policymakers what they are up to. Panels will
introduce the 3D printing community to the DC policy community, and
explore some of the policy issues that this disruptive technology will

Organized by Public Knowledge, the good people behind the white paper It Will Be Awesome If They Don’t Screw It Up, the event is a positive step towards letting policy makers know what 3D printing means, and how not to screw it up.

Shapeways will be explaining the awesome things that are being made by the Shapeways community and the potential empowerment for individuals to have access to tools of production. Let us know if there is anything you think is important for policy maker to know?

Shapeways will be presenting alongside representatives from 3D Systems, ExOne, Fab@Home, Makerbot and Makergear.

Michael Weinberg says, “3D⚡DC will have three parts: two panels and a demonstration.  The first panel, Meet the Printers,
will introduce Washington to all of the parts of this industry.  A
broad cross section of representatives will introduce themselves with
quick 5-minute presentations.  After the presentations, you will have an
opportunity to ask questions and explore further.

This being Washington, the second panel, How a Promising Technology Might Get Shelved,
will focus on some of the policies that can best foster the growth of
3D printing technology.  The discussion will focus on lessons from other
flourishing creative industries that have limited reliance on
traditional intellectual property rights as well as ways 3D printing can
be used to increase science education in the United States.

The final part will be a demonstration.  This will be your chance to
get one-on-one access to the 3D printing community.  Each group will
have a table to show off what they do and what they make.  You will be
able to see 3D printing and 3D printed objects, and talk to the people
that make 3D printing possible face-to-face.”

092 AC-DC 28VI10 Público

Image above AC/DC by Dena Flows, not 3D/DC, though I assume there will be a similar vibe.

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